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Carrera Sunglasses

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Carrera 21 Light Gold Violet 99

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- 33%

Carrera 21 Gold White 99

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Stylish and sporty sunglasses from the premium eyewear brand

Originally inspired by the fast-paced world of auto racing, Carrera is a premium European brand that produces stylish sunglasses now popular with the Hollywood crowd. Gracing the faces of stars such as Lady Gaga and Jamie Foxx, Carrera sunglasses are crafted using high-quality materials in styles that will flatter any face. The brand manages to remain in style and of-the-moment while maintaining its roots with a sports-inspired aesthetic.
Carrera sunglasses are made in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, such as the chic aviator frame or the iconic Retro-Wingtip design. Many of the brand’s stylish sunglasses are also made in an oversized frame shape, which looks great while covering the entire eye and providing maximum sun protection. Carrera sunglasses are made using high-quality materials such as acetate and stainless steel, ensuring durability under any conditions, and they are lightweight and comfortable for all day wear. Carrera sunglasses offer bold, glamorous Italian-crafted frames that are a must-have item for style-lovers everywhere.

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