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Skechers Sunglasses

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Skechers SK5000 Tortoise 34

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Skechers Sunglasses

A hip, funky eyewear brand from the famous footwear designer

Skechers offers stylish, contemporary sunglasses in a wide range of shapes and looks. Many of these stylish Skechers frames are manufactured using zyl acetate; a premium plastic that is naturally-derived from plant fibres. Acetate is durable and lightweight, meaning these frames will hold up under the most extreme conditions, while being comfortable enough for all-day wear. Acetate is also a colour-fast material, so these trendy frames won't fade, even after years of use. Skechers sunglasses feature many of today's hottest shapes and designs. From the iconic Retro-Wingtip frame shape, to the chic oversized women's frames; there is sure to be a style to suit you look. Skechers sunglasses also feature high-quality polycarbonate lenses in a variety of tints to suit your needs. Some of these frames feature gradient lenses, which are tinted darker at the top and lighter toward the bottom. This make these sunglasses ideal for driving or other outdoor activities, as the bright sun is blocked from above while the lighter bottom tint allows for clear vision. If you love fun, modern designs and quality craftsmanship, try a pair of Skechers sunglasses. Your eyes will thank you.

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