All American Classics eyeglasses

Celebrate American Style

All American Classics takes the traditional eyewear designs of yesterday and updates them with a fresh, modern take for today's busy world. The AMC design aesthetic appeals to those who enjoy celebrating classic American style. Coastal is pleased to include a wide variety of frames from this brand in their comprehensive offerings of vision protection.

Known for their brilliant mixes of metals and acetates, every frame results in an extremely comfortable and beautiful look equally at home at the beach, in the office, or curled up with a great book.

Browse the full lineup to find such styles as the Baytown, perfectly suited for smaller and medium faces and cooler skin tones or the Glendale designed to delicately frame angular features. No matter which one you prefer, there are numerous hues to choose from so you'll always find something that is uniquely you.

All American Classics Glasses

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