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Caravelle by Bulova Eyeglasses - Timeless Pieces

Since 1875, Bulova has been a globally recognized symbol of sophistication and status. In fact, when Charles Lindbergh became the first person to complete a nonstop flight across the Atlantic, what do you think he got as a prize for his achievement? A Bulova watch, of course. Now, Bulova has taken their dedication to precision craftsmanship and turned it toward the a line of high end eyewear for men and women. Caravelle by Bulova offers the style and elegance of a classic timepiece, with polished metal construction, delicately crafted contours, and sleek design choices.

Here at Clearly, we're excited to carry a range of eyewear from Caravelle by Bulova. Pick out a frame that matches your style, then add your custom prescription to get a pair perfectly tailored to you. Then check out our coating options, from Transitions for versatility to Kodak BlueReflect for use with digital screens. Whatever you choose, Caravelle is sure to add a dash of finesse to any outfit.