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Urban Classics

Since its humble beginnings as an urban footwear collection, Converse has become one of the most recognizable names in the world of fashion. Their eyewear line pays homage to their tradition and borrows the street-wise, functional-fashion aesthetic to deliver a fantastic variety of on-trend styles. You'll find a great selection of designer frames from this iconic brand that will satisfy even the most discerning fashion sense at Coastal.

Always wearable, each frame in this collection is constructed of only the most conforming materials like highly flexible acetates that mold and adapt to your shape. Choose your ideal set from the sleek and, at times playfully modern styles that effortlessly blend comfort with great looks. You'll simply fall head over heels for the contemporary eyewear in this collection from the world’s first name in city chic.

Choose from classic looks that have been re-formulated for a modern, whimsical aesthetic that always comes off as current and positively refined. Whether you're running errands, going to the office, or taking in a show, these fashion-forward eyewear pieces are sure to turn a few heads.

Converse Glasses

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