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Gloss Black

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Born on the beaches of Hawaii, Maui Jim sunglasses were the solution to the problem of the harsh Hawaiian sun. Most polarized lenses did an okay job correcting this issue, but they distorted the beautiful colors of the idyllic Hawaiian scenery. Combining color clarity with glare elimination, Maui Jim debuted the most advanced polarized lens technology in the world, on the sandy shores of Lahaina in the early 1980s. Its patented PolarizedPlus®2 lens technology had the power to completely reduce glare from the sun while maintaining impeccable clarity of the color, revolutionizing the eyewear world.

Priding itself on research and innovation, Maui Jim eyewear has since made several additions to its impressive roster of lenses. The standard for immaculate visual acuity, contrast and hue remains unrivalled and keeps Maui Jim eyewear at the top of its industry for performance and fashion sunglasses. See the difference in Maui Jim polarized sunglasses and open your eyes to a bolder, richer, crisper view.