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Aicha Robertson, the face behind The Fashion Heist, is another “babe’n fashion” blogger that features in our autumn/winter campaign this season.

With oodles of styling and commentating experience in the Australian fashion industry, Aicha’s blog is loaded with beautiful fashion shoots, interviews and many wise words on style. We chat to Aicha about fashion on the streets of 4000 and her love/hate trends this season.

Name: Aicha Robertson

Home base: Brisbane, Australia

Current occupation: Features Fashion Writer at The Digital Fashion Platform and Brand Manager at The Great Beyond


Instagram: @thefashionheist

Derek Cardigan 7004 Rootbeer

What inspired you to start your blog? I was interning for Kimberly Gardner and then I thought why not talk about my experiences in fashion. It was a fun way to counter my university studies too!

We love the fact you take all your own pictures, do you think it’s important for budding bloggers to follow suit and snap their own shots? I think learning how to capture an image is a crucial aspect to being a fashion blogger. Because the essence of fashion blogging is creating your own mini editorial in a way. So being able to understand the elements of an editorial, a photograph will only enhance your understanding of fashion as well.

Tell us about the Brisbane fashion scene – what’s hot in way of trends in 4000? Brisbane is definitely making its way up the fashion ladder; things are heating up! We’ve had some amazing events in the previous year and there’s plenty of fashion bloggers popping up which is great!

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What styles feature in your own personal eyewear collection? I am quite a bold eyewear person, my collection of Linda Farrow collaborations is endless! It’s the best way to add a bit of dramatic flair to an outfit.

Your studying journalism – What, to you, is the difference between blogging and traditional journalism? The funny thing is my love for fashion writing and blogging came second, I initially wanted to be a serious photojournalist just like James Nachtwey. Unfortunately that line of work isn’t for the faint hearted. So I fell into fashion blogging, which I feel more suited to. It absorbs a lot of your creative energy I believe, more than just regular journalism, as you have to create a photo shoots along with your writing.

What, in your opinion, does a person’s eyewear says about them? I think your eyewear can really reveal your style confidence.

Love L767 Blush Petal

What are your top tips on styling an outfit with eyewear and other accessories? If your outfit is simple, go super loud with accessories because why not?!

What autumn /winter trends do you love and which do you hate? I definitely dislike fur, I just can’t jump on board with that fashion trend. But I love everything else, I’ll even embrace a turtleneck!

If you were front row for New York fashion week, what style of shades would you be rocking? I would probably have an over-sized pair of Chanel half tints on, because who doesn’t love a classic eyewear style?

What is a typical day in your life? Having my own fashion label with my partner, The Great Beyond it’s quite full on! It can be hard to find a balance, so normally work outs and emails in the morning then sending out orders during the day, throw in a photoshoot and then endless writing and editing images! It’s always hectic but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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