American Music Awards: Glasses Style


This year marked the 40th anniversary of the American Music Awards with the latest pop sensations there to celebrate the fourth decade of musical recognitions. Every year, the American Music Awards adds an element of youthfulness throughout the course of the evening by asking the fans to be a part of the voting process.

This year, we give Jenny McCarthy the standout look award. Jenny wore a pair of sexy black cat eye glasses with a very sleek and simple black and gold sequin dress. Having always been famous for her outlandish attitude and over-the-top actions, Jenny McCarthy made next day headlines by stealing a forced but loving kiss from Justin Bieber, this year’s Favourite Artist of the Year.

Awards mean red carpet + sunglasses. Justin Beiber was spotted on the red carpet of the American Music Awards sporting a pair of matte black sunglasses while his mentor, Usher, wore a pair of gold accented sunglasses. Both celebrities decided to let their sunglasses shine by wearing simple all black outfits.

New pop sensation, Psy, performed alongside the infamous MC Hammer – a mix of old and new school music style. Both were wearing harem style “Hammer Style” pants and black sunglasses while they performed memorable and amazing a remix of “Gangnam Style” and “Too Legit to Quit”.

Solo artists definitely showed their glasses style at the American Music Awards but let’s not forget the bands as well. The Backstreet Boys and Linkin Park were some of the group artists that had members showcasing their unique glasses style. Kevin Richardson of The Backstreet Boys had on a sleek midnight blue two piece suit on with a pair of bold black frames. Chester Bennington on the other hand, from Linkin Park, did a frame change from aviator sunglasses to a pair of simple black frames to receive their Favourite Alternative Artist Award.

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