2017’s Best Selling Derek Cardigan Glasses


Derek Cardigan has remained a customer favourite since its inception more than 6 years ago. Starting with a range of nerdy-chic, over sized acetate styles, its designs have adapted and changed to stay at the forefront of fashion while always taking chief influences from vintage classics. Though the winged-out 7014 frame still reigns supreme, newer shapes and materials are definitely making their way into people’s hearts, and onto their faces. Below, we rank the top 5 best selling Derek Cardigan frames for 2017 so far.


#1 Derek Cardigan 7014 Black



The DC 7014 is one of the very first pairs of exclusive brand glasses we ever made, and we’re pleased to see that it’s still a reigning champion. Though it’s not hard to see why: 7014 is a classic oversized wingtip in a chic glossy black finish that flatters most faces.


#2 Derek Cardigan Deckard Black


In many ways, Deckard is the 7014 with a matte metal twist. A best seller from our popular 2016 Retro Flux collection, the cool, smooth frame comes with key comfort fit details like adjustable pads and flexible spring hinges to add extra flexibility and durability for noses and faces of all shapes and sizes.


#3 Derek Cardigan Vincent Black



The Vincent — also from Retro Flux — rounds things out a little further, dipping its toe into the 90s revival trend with its round metal style while still retaining 60s influences thanks to its keyhole nose bridge and winged-out temples.


#4 Derek Cardigan 7046 Black Fade




Our 2016 Derek Cardigan Grammar refresh was a big hit, and rounded styles continued to be an up-and-coming style favourite. This classic 20s-inspired pair looked great on square jaws and angular features, with its punctuation marks bookending each winged-out temple.


#5 Derek Cardigan 7051 Black Fade


And finally, another Grammar pick rounds out the top 5. This bold 70s shape offers a deeper base than the original wingtip, making a great fit for wide foreheads, soft features, and rounded jaws. The faded design, constructed with Mazzucchelli handmade Italian acetate, added a final luxe touch to this classic pair.

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