Bookworm Glasses Style

Whether fact or fiction is your reading style of choice, you may be surprised how much your literary persuasion can influence your bookworm style.

If you’re like Mackenzie Hamilton, model for our Real Style, Real Value photo shoot, and describe yourself as a self-confessed bookworm, then it may be neat to see what your bookworm style is saying about you.

Maybe it’s your current favourite genre that’s the main influencer of your bookworm style, or it could be your reading location of choice. Maybe submersing yourself in nature is your top reading spot? Or meandering down the street to your local coffee shop? But then there’s always relaxing in the comfort of your own home…

If you’d like a little extra help when it comes to deciphering your bookworm style, follow these three simple steps and you’ll have the perfect bookworm glasses style in no time.

If your favourite reading location is at the local park, try accessorizing your bookworm style with glasses that not only look great, but fit with the scenery as well.

Sometimes heading to the local coffee shop is the best way to focus on that book, which makes accessorizing with bold bookworm glasses in rich colours the obvious way to go.

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