Bottega Veneta Glasses | Brightening up Autumn

Bottega Veneta glasses

Despite it being autumn, we were treated to some fantastic sunny weather over the long Easter weekend that appears to be sticking around. So, what better time to inject some bright colours into your wardrobe with help from our stylish Bottega Veneta glasses? We think they’re perfect for dressing up a casual chic outfit. So, to celebrate our endless Aussie summer, we’ve paired these Bottega Veneta glasses with floral pieces and bright hues…


Combining on-trend pieces with a timeless casual item, the blue denim jacket, we’ve teamed a floral crop top with a refreshing garden print. The uplifting look is finished off with an elegant yellow A-line dress, the perfect colour to wear when the sun is shining. Yellow also works well with blue, green and orange; and for those who prefer to work with black, grey and navy, these colours help to highlight the yellow pieces in your outfit.


This autumn we’ve fallen in love with cuff bracelets, and decided to choose this standout cuff bracelet to work with the green in the floral crop top. We also love cute bags in innovative shapes, like this circular peach orange bag from Dolce & Gabbana. And when it comes to your feet, we’ve chosen these amazing heels with a floral décor piece.

Since this entire look is full of fun colours that go against the autumnal grain, our cross ink Bottega Veneta glasses are the must-have finishing touch!

Bottega Veneta glasses


Cobalt blue nails contrast well against blue denim, and as denim is always in style – you can’t go wrong with this colour. For your lips, we recommend a peachy hue to compliment the floral top.

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