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Boutique HQ

Next up in our Style Ambassador series are the lovely ladies from Boutique HQ, a website that showcases a curated collection of fashion from the world’s best boutiques and online. The site was launched in early 2013 by Sydney sisters, Maddie and Jordan Livesey.

The girls post the clothes and accessories they love and allow you to shop it all in one place through their site, which is essentially a shoppable Instagram-esque feed. Whether it’s casual pieces for different seasons, or outfits for special events, Boutique HQ’s stylish sisters are always on top of what’s on trend and in stock Australia wide and on the web.

We caught up with Maddie and Jordan to discuss our two favourite topics: Fashion and frames!

Boutique HQ

Name: Maddie & Jordan Livesey

Home base: Sydney, Australia

Current occupation: We both work in marketing/communications and are Co-Founders of BoutiqueHQ.

Website: Boutique HQ |

Instagram: @boutiquehq

What inspires us: People who work hard doing what they love and remain humble.

Boutique HQ

Frame Style: LOVE L746 in Teal Tort

LOVE glasses

These frames are a classic shape with a touch of trend in the leopard print arms.

Maddie’s glasses collection consists of: 4 pairs of frames. Like any other accessory, I wear the glasses that suit the vibe I’m going for on any given day… I can’t see without them so they’re a necessary accessory!

Jordan: I don’t actually need glasses, but was pretty envious of Mad’s collection.  I think this pair will definitely be the first of many more.

We chose the glasses we’re wearing because:

Maddie: They’re all business at the front but a bit of fun on the sides. I’m loving blush pink for spring/summer so these are perfect.
Jordan: I can’t go past all black with a touch of leopard in general. These frames are a classic shape with a touch of trend in the leopard print arms.

A tip on picking out the perfect pair of frames is: 

Maddie: Be adventurous but don’t ignore your face shape. Oversized glasses are cool, but glasses that are just too big are definitely not.

Boutique HQ

Frame Style: LOVE L746 in Black Pink

LOVE glasses

Be adventurous but don’t ignore your face shape. Oversized glasses are cool, but glasses that are just too big are definitely not.

Whats next on your wardrobe wish list?

Maddie: A Chanel Boy bag… although I think I’ll be saving for a while for that one!
Jordan: A pair of Isabel Marant suede Dicker boots for spring/summer.

Whats your favourite accessory at the moment?

Maddie: My Celine trapeze handbag and Raen Arkin sunnies.
Jordan: I can’t get enough of fine gold jewellery, you should see my ring collection!

I would describe my personal style as:

Maddie: Tailored/corporate meets casual. My go-to outfits lately always seem to involve a collared shirt paired with ripped denim.
Jordan: My style usually revolves around my two wardrobe staples, a good blazer and some sort of  leather. Compared to Maddie, my style is probably a little more girly.

My favourite online source for style inspiration is:

Jordan: I love following bloggers from around the world and seeing how they’re dressing for each season (as they’re usually a season ahead of us!)  @sincerelyjules is always a source of inspiration. 
If it isn’t Boutique HQ it would have to be NY Times Street Style shot by Bill Cunningham. He’s got an incredible eye and really pioneered ‘street style’ photography. If you haven’t seen the fascinating documentary about his life, you should definitely check it out.

Boutique HQ

Who are your biggest sources of style inspo?

Jordan: Olivia Palermo and Sienna Miller have always been two style icons.
Maddie: I definitely agree with Jordan. Although I’ve got to put her on this list too actually. She’s a much more sensible style muse to have given that she’s my size and I have unrestricted access to her wardrobe!

Favourite city to go shopping is:

Maddie and Jordan: Boutique shopping in Sydney or Melbourne would have to be our favourite, there are so many incredible hidden gems that we have uncovered through Boutique HQ. If we had to pick somewhere else though, it would have to be Paris. So many of our favourite labels are french: Isabel Marant, IRO, Celine to name a few and it’s such an incredibly beautiful city to shop in!

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