Chloé Sunglasses: Winter Whiteout


Just because its winter doesn’t mean you have to dress dreary – why not wear white to brighten up your days? Try a white blazer paired with slacks and white stilettos for a look that spells “we mean business”. If a softer look is more your style, check out what our stylist has come up with this week.

The Core Outfit

Remember that texture and shape are the elements of an outfit that set the vibe of your look and with this week’s look we’re going for a feminine whiteout feel. We’ve paired a white pencil skirt with a white draped silk blouse. The look of the structured skirt along with the flowy look of the blouse is a perfect contrast of polish and power.

The Accessories

We’re used to the black and gold accessories but mix it up with white and gold jewelry. A gold wrist cuff adds a slight edginess to the look which contrasts nicely against the white pieces of the outfit. A white clutch with gold studs will fit the look perfectly and the white heels with a center strap match the edginess of the wrist cuff pulling the look together.

These gold Chloé sunglasses are made for this look. The overall caramel colour of the frames soften the frame while the grey accents on the top of the frame and temples bring attention to the slight cat eye shape. The Chloé brand has always been known for sophistication and elegance and these frames will add those elements to your look.

The Makeup

With a white outfit, try using gold bronzer on both your eyes and face to keep with the theme of the look. Natural yet bronzy make up will complement this outfit and not overpower it.

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