Musicians in Eyewear | Then & Now

Buddy Holly

There are certain musicians it’s hard to think about without picturing the frames they wear or wore. Whether it’s Buddy Holly’s geek-chic glasses or Lady Gaga’s quirky sunglasses, musicians have always taken great pride in their eyewear.

In this week’s article supporting our music-inspired summer story, Soundtrack to Summer, we pick out a few of our favourite musical superstars from past and present who have been known for donning either a stylish pair of specs or sunnies. We’ll also help you find something similar from, just in time for festival season!

Debbie Harry

First up is Debbie Harry, the lead singer of legendary punk-pop band, Blondie. A true musical icon, we often think back to now-retro images of Debbie Harry sporting a pair of chunky, black  Retro-Wingtips. You’ll find a similar style of sunglasses in our exclusive house brand Derek Cardigan’s wide range.

Sunglasses Style: Derek Cardigan Sun 7023 in Black

Derek Cardigan sunglasses

Buddy Holly

Going back even further into time, it’s hard to discuss eyewear worn by musical icons without Buddy Holly springing to mind. You’ll again find a chunky, geek-chic inspired pair of frames in our Derek Cardigan collection.

Frame Style: Derek Cardigan 7026 in Black


Derek Cardigan glasses

Lady Gaga

Coming more up to date, Lady Gaga is a musician of recent times to become known for her eyewear (among many other quirky style choices!). Particularly around the time she burst onto the scene back in the late noughties, Gaga was often seen in oversized round sunnies. You’ll find a similar style in our LOVE sunglasses collection.

Sunglasses Style: LOVE L7003S in Black

LOVE sunnies

Another contemporary artist with a penchant for left-of-centre style and statement eyewear is Originally breaking through with his band The Black Eyed Peas, has become more known in recent years for his solo work and time on The Voice Australia. Find an equally bold and quirky style of frames in our range of Joseph Marc glasses.

Frame Style: Joseph Marc 4092 in Grey

Joseph Marc glasses

Alicia Keys

Last but in no way least, we felt R&B megastar Alicia Keys was definitely worth a mention for her choice of eyewear. Particularly as she is a fan of our exclusive brand, Derek Cardigan! Here she is pictured in our Derek Cardigan 7017 frames in Shadow.

Frame Style: Derek Cardigan 7017 in Shadow

Derek Cardigan glasses



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