Our Favourite Vintage Sunglasses for Women


We look to sunglasses to add a touch of style to our overall appearance. While sunglasses are meant to protect our eyes from the sun’s powerful UV rays, they also have the ability to project our personal fashion tastes to those around us.

Beginning in the 1940s, sunglasses have been designed with women in mind. Over time, these vintage sunglasses styles have remained popular among today’s women looking to make a bold statement.

Here are some of our favourite vintage sunglasses for women:

Oversized & Round Sunglasses

Editor’s Style Picks: (1) Chloe CL 2193 C01 Black 57, (2) Dior Model 1 183JS Havana Ivory 61, (3) Chloe CL2227 C01 Black 62

Oversized, rounded frames are a classic that bring a glamorous 1960s look to women all over the world. Made famous by Jackie O, these sunglasses are both retro and luxurious. Pair them with any outfit to bring a touch of high fashion to your look.

Square Sunglasses

Editor’s Style Picks: (1) Balenciaga BAL 143S WRR Havana, (2) John Galliano 0006 001 Black 59, (3) Chloe CL2238 C04 Black 58

Square frames make a bold statement when it comes to vintage sunglasses for women. Try this unique shape in a tortoiseshell pattern reminiscent of 1950s style horn-rimmed glasses for an even more vintage feel.

Cat Eye Sunglasses

Editor’s Style Picks: (1) Love Sun L747 Brown Tort, (2) Diane Von Furstenberg DVF524S 001 Black 59, (3) DSquared DQ0018 01A Black

In the 1950s and 1960s, cat eye sunglasses were worn by stylish starlets like Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. For an easy way to add glamour to your style, try on a pair of unique cat eye frames.

Retro-Wingtip Sunglasses

Editor’s Style Picks: (1) Ray-Ban 2140 901 Black 54, (2) Tommy Hilfiger 1985S UOE IF Khaki Dark Havana, (3) Derek Cardigan Sun 7003 Black

Since 1952, the Retro-Wingtip has been among the top vintage sunglasses for women. With a trapezoidal lens and plastic frame, these sunglasses are fun and retro accessory. Today, this style is available in many sizes and colours to match your individual tastes.

These vintage sunglasses for women are a retro, yet feminine addition to your wardrobe. Throughout the decades, these sunglasses have stood the test of time due to their modern-yet-classic looks and their timeless appeal. Whether you prefer vintage glam or hip and modern looks, there’s a pair of retro sunglasses out there to suit your style.

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