“Girls” in Glasses

Lena Dunham’s Girls is a show that cannot be mentioned enough. Having won two Golden Globes (Lena Dunham for lead actress and Girls for Best TV Comedy), Girls is 30 minutes of a weekly story that revolves around four girlfriends: Hannah Horvath, Marnie Michaels, Jessa Johannson and Shoshanna Shapiro and what goes on in their lives in the Big Apple with fashion and culture mixed in.

Being one episode in to the much anticipated second season, our editors could not help themselves but to choose a unique glasses style for each of the very unique characters.

Classic: Marnie Michaels

In the first season of Girls, Marnie was introduced as Hannah’s best friend and roommate. Being an art gallery assistant, her passion for art and fashion portrays Marnie’s style as sophisticated and classic.

The Derek Cardigan 7021 Wood glasses are the perfect frames for Marnie as the unique colon and semi-colon detailing are the perfect symbols to represent her brainy personality and streamlined fashion sense.

Shop glasses: Derek Cardigan 7021 Wood

Daring: Jessa Johansson

Jessa, the friend that is known for her unpredictable nature and snap decisions, is seen on the show in boho chic style as well as modern flare with retro accents. Jessa’s wardrobe definitely matches her attitude.

Jessa’s fashion choices are bold and audacious to complement her personality and the vibrant colour of the Rough Justice Material Gurl glasses are the perfect frames to match her eclectic style.

Shop glasses: Rough Justice Material Gurl Pomegranate

Vintage: Hannah Horvath

Played by the Girls writer Lena Dunham herself, Hannah’s style is one inspired by vintage and simple pieces. Her wardrobe often consists of paisley print dresses, retro coloured shirts and pants and classic cardigans.

The vintage design of the clubmaster Derek Cardigan 7011 Brown Tortoiseshell glasses are the perfect frames to accentuate and complement Hannah’s style.

Shop glasses: Derek Cardigan 7011 Brown Tortoiseshell

Preppy: Shoshanna Shapiro

As the most conservative and innocent character of the group, Shoshanna’s outfits complement her personality with pieces that are preppy and modest. The costume designer of the show Girls, Jennifer Rogien, lets us know that Shoshanna’s style is evolving like her character, “We talked about how do we maybe grow her up a little bit to reflect where she is in her life, so we tweaked her color palette…and added a heel here and there”.

The accents of jeweled temples on the cat eye Vera Wang Luxe Romance glasses are the perfect match for Shoshanna’s preppy yet innocent style.

Shop glasses: Vera Wang Luxe Romance Black

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