Best Hairstyles for Men with Glasses

Today’s fashion-conscious men are often defining their style through combining different types of hairstyles and trendy glasses. As a glasses-wearer, you may be wondering which hairstyles will help you achieve the look that suits you best. Finding your perfect hairstyle will depend not only on your personal style, but also the type of glasses you wear.

If you’re apprehensive to trying new hairstyles because you don’t know how they’ll turn out, we’ve got a solution! We’ve compiled a short list of the best hairstyles for men with glasses.

If you wear small frames

Smaller frames are a very popular choice for men, particularly with reading glasses, but the right hairstyle can help you pull off a sharper look. Choose a shorter cut; longer, chin-length hair will make your face appear smaller and boxed-in.

If you wear wide or thick frames

Try to go with a hairstyle with some height and texture on top. It will complement your wide frames nicely. You could also try some shorter hairstyles with strong lines to keep the focus on your face. It’s best to avoid styles that add a lot of volume where your frames end, since wide frames already draw attention to that area.

If you wear retro-style frames

You have a great chance to play up the fun, vintage vibe. It really depends on which decade your style of glasses is from; a fun 80s hairstyle or a side-part might do the trick. With retro-style frames you have some freedom to mimic the trends of eras past.

If you wear oversized frames

We love the oversized look, and a short and fun hairstyle is the perfect complement to this type of frame. With oversized frames, it’s all a matter of proportions. With too short of a cut, the frames will overpower your face. With too long or voluminous, you will get lost in your hair and frames. Finding the right balance will help you achieve the look you desire.

If you wear funky, statement-making glasses

Try sporting a super-short haircut as it will keep the focus on your face and glasses. If you want to keep all eyes on your funky frames, razor-short is the way to go.

The combination of your glasses and your hairstyle help define your look. So naturally, you should choose the right hairstyle for your particular frames. The best hairstyles for men with glasses are the ones that perfectly compliment their glasses style.

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