Helen Ahrens | Style Ambassador

Helen Ahrens

Next up in our Style Ambassador series is Consulting Director Helen Ahrens from Adelaide. From her love of flower bunches to floral frames, we caught up with the stylish Aussie with a penchant for all things pretty and feminine.

Helen Ahrens

Name & Nickname: Helen Ahrens & Ahrenzie

Home base: Adelaide

Current occupation: Director of Ahrens Consulting

Website: Ahrens Consulting

Instagram: @ahrenzie

Best Instagram accounts to follow: @oliviarogers_art , @robynlawley1 and @erikaheynatz.

What inspires me: Flower bunches, digital spaces & conversations.

Helen Ahrens


 My glasses collection consists of: Six pairs

 I chose the pair of glasses I’m wearing because: The colours make me think of spring gardens!

 A tip on picking out the perfect pair of frames is: To use the Try On view with a picture of yourself, it really does help.

Glasses are an important part of your outfit because: They bring style to a practical accessory. A well picked pair of suited glasses can really polish off an outfit.

Frame Style: Joseph Marc 4114 in Orchid Fade

Joseph Marc glasses

A well picked pair of suited glasses can really polish off an outfit.

My favourite online source for style inspiration is:  Etsy

 My favourite fashion trend of the moment is: Edgy office wear – a modern take on traditional workwear.

 If I could go on holiday with anyone in the world, it would be: Jamaica or the Bahamas

 I would describe my personal style as: Eclectic & floral

Helen Ahrens

 My current style muse is: Robyn Lawley

 Favourite city to go shopping is: Anywhere in the US – so preppy, cute and cheap.

 Final word: Work hard, play hard, love what you do.

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