Hot trend: Big glasses frames


There’s no doubt that big glasses frames are the latest thing to be seen wearing. Whether you wear them for fashion, functionality or fun, you’ll definitely be making a stylish statement.

If you’re thinking big glasses are only for the geeky type, we’ve got news for you. Celebrities like Demi Moore and Brad Pitt have taken notice of the popular trend and they look far from Steve Urkel.

But big glasses frames aren’t just for the daring rich and famous. The trend can really enhance your facial features while giving you a modern look at the same time.

How To Wear

Big Glasses Frames









Sizing Tips

Big Glasses Frames

So why should you try them? Glasses with larger frames look good on a lot of faces. Although you are more likely to see someone with fuller facial features sporting them, those with smaller faces can still pull of the trendy style without looking lost.

Choosing a pair like the Christian Dior glasses above are a great choice. Being multi-coloured they will match with your everyday clothes without feeling like they clash. Also being neutral they will compliment your natural features.

You’re going to get noticed though! Big glasses frames attract attention but are subtle at the same time. They have a way of saying ‘I look cool but I’m not even trying,’ now that’s something you can pull off.

If it’s your first time wearing big glasses frames, try on different colours and patterns. Choose a style that compliments your face and colouring. Tortoise and rectangle are often popular choices and a good place to start.

At Clearly Australia, we’ve got designer brands for the fashionistas, cat eye styles for the sexy sophisticated look, vibrant colours for the bold and everything in between. If you’re ready to try the latest trend in eyewear, be sure to check out the selection of styles we have available online.

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