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Joseph Marc Glasses

For the guys this week, we’re offering you tips on how to work both colour and pattern into an off-duty ensemble. Adding bright colours and bold patterns might seem like  a tough task for some, but our stylist-approved look easily incorporates colour into your look with our stylish Joseph Marc glasses.


For this look, we chose a basic pair of blue trousers that you can dress down with hi-top sneakers or dress up with a pair of sleek Oxfords. A comfortable black or grey cardigan is an essential for layering on top of patterned shirts, and a structured coat will remain in your wardrobe a lifetime. It’s also perfect for the cooler months ahead.

The key piece here is the striped shirt, with its stylish detailing on the pocket and buttons highlighting the contrast between the stripes and solid colours. For those looking to add a bit of pattern to their autumn look, start with something like this piece in a dark colour that features stripes or checks.


Inject instant style into your look with our Joseph Marc glasses; they’re  a safe way to subtly experiment with adding colour to your autumn attire. The fact that they’re a lighter colour than other pieces in the outfit provides nice contrast and helps them stand out as a stylish detail.

Joseph Marc Glasses


Seal the deal to your autumn ensemble with stylish finishing touches. From a durable Herschel laptop bag to a bold pair of hi-tops, you’ll be ready to stride through the colder months with confident panache.

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