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Introducing the dapper chap that is, Luc Wiesman from D’Marge. His blog, perhaps more aptly considered a lifestyle site, has been described as the ultimate online edit for the modern man and his personal style is impeccably smooth. We chat to the man behind all things fashion, tech, interiors, grooming, and motors to get the lowdown on his favourite clearly styles, wardrobe staples and his top cities to shop.

Name & Nickname: Luc Wiesman

Home base: Melbourne

Current occupation: Founder & Managing Editor of DMARGE.COM


Instagram: @dmarge

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Joseph Marc 4080 Havana

What makes D’Marge so different to other men’s style and lifestyle sites? I like to think we don’t really care too much. Other men’s sites take themselves very seriously, where as we like to educate and help guys learn but whilst giving them a few laughs along the way. We’re all about embracing the ideal of the ‘magnificent bastard’.

You’re based in Melbourne, a city renowned for its residing cool kids! What new fashion trends are you seeing on the streets? I’ve now moved from Melbourne to Sydney and I can safely say Sydney kids are way cooler. There I said it. Melbourne fashion at the moment is very reserved. Nothing too over the top. Seeing more ripped jeans on men as well as hats everywhere this year.

How would you describe your personal style? Classic but versatile. I like to wear smart casual stuff during the weekend then on weekends it’s my favourite sneakers. I also like to blend suits and sneakers. Tailored jacket, trousers and my Lanvin sneakers.

What are your wardrobe staples? Luxury sneakers. They go with everything. Then a navy blue blazer is also a must have item. Then your classic (and basic) white t-shirt. Can’t go wrong with that combo.

IMG_7868 v2 web
Derek Cardigan Sun 7028 Wood

Which are your favourite glasses from Clearly’s A/W 15 collection? The ones I’m wearing right now. They are Derek Cardigan Sun 7028 Wood. Very heavy dark frame. I feel like Colin Firth in them.

What’s your favourite online source for style inspiration? Instagram. I find there’s some really cool account that have a knack of posting interesting image of fashion and design. I love good quality design so anything that ticks that box inspires what content to see on D’Marge.

These days it’s all about online visibility, why in your opinion, is online so important? Online is everywhere. It’s easily accessed and it’s always changing. The barrier of entry for an 18 year old guy to start taking photos of his style is so low you have everyone doing it. Some of these kids (yes, kids) have hundreds of thousands of followers – more than large scale publishers. So you can see a shift in who really has the influence.

Who’s your style muse? My dad’s pretty cool. I’ve got my taste in watches and shoes from him I think. Then I think David Beckham is always on the money too.

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Derek Cardigan Sun 7023 Olive

If you could have 3 people in the world to dinner who would you invite?

Stephen Fry – Because he’s so damn funny and clever.
Elon Musk – Again, he’s a clever bastard and the founder of Tesla cars.
Lapo Elkann – He would bring the party.

Where is your top city to shop? Online. It’s all the best cities in the world in one place. It’s killed the adventure of shopping but I don’t care.

What was your biggest style faux pas? Ah I had this fluro green sneaker / belt combo going at the Polo a few years back. It still haunts me.

And your best style statement to date? My hair. Red like the fires of hell.

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