Lucy Pilz | Style Ambassador

Lucy Pilz

The latest addition to our Style Ambassador crew is the fun, funny and fab Sydney-based blogger, Lucy Pilz. From her favourite frames to not-so-secret crush on Harry Styles, we caught up with the talented young Sydneysider who was made for our exclusive brand, Derek Cardigan.

Lucy Pilz

Name & Nickname: Lucy // Goose or Luc

Home base: Sydney

Current occupation: Social Media Manager and Blogger/ Content Producer (for my two blogs and other online publications). Cause one busy job was not enough, ha! I am actually about to move to London, so who knows what the next chapter in my career will hold!

Website/blog: Skeeter and Scout AND The Wanderlust Scout

Instagram: @SkeeterAndScout and @WanderlustScout

Best Instagram accounts to follow: I have been following @Brigadeirochoc for ages. She makes the greatest content, and even Instagram Australia agrees (they regularly talk about her cleanliness and awesomeness at industry events etc.).

What inspires me: People who go out and achieve their dreams no matter the difficulties they face. And Peonies, Pugs and Puns. I am also not adverse to a little indulging of One Direction (yep, I just admitted that to the whole world #NotAshamed)!

Lucy Pilz

My glasses collection consists of: Two pairs of stupidly expensive Prada sunglasses (I am never without my sunglasses, I have ultra-sensitive eyeballs to the sun) and two pairs of stylish reading glasses.

I chose the pair of glasses I’m wearing because: They are mega stylish, suit my fat head and make a bold statement! Oh, and they even have little mathematical symbols so people basically think I’m smarter than I really am. It is kinda like osmosis, I suppose!

 A tip on picking out the perfect pair of frames is: Know your face shape and try and think how they would fit into your everyday uniform. No point in purchasing some bold glasses if they are only going to go with one top you own.

Glasses are an important part of your outfit because: They are complimentary and can really play up your features.

Frame Style: Derek Cardigan 7005 in Brown Tortoiseshell

Derek Cardigan glasses

Know your face shape and try and think how [the frames] would fit into your everyday uniform.

 My favourite online source for style inspiration is: Instagram and blogs –  I am all about visual content. I love to read, but pretty images always grab my attention.

 My favourite fashion trend of the moment is: Crops over shirts. Sounds silly, but is uber comfy and I think I rock it!

 If I could go on holiday with anyone in the world, it would be: Harry Styles cause I have a not-so-secret, fully grown adult crush on him. I think it is the sex appeal, the accent, the crotch-grabbing-Keith-Richards channelling persona… Or maybe because he can sing and I have a weakness for singers!

Lucy Pilz

 I would describe my personal style as: Whatever my mood is on the day. My style jumps between bold and eclectic to girly or homeless-chic (if I am feeling super lazy, ha)!

 My current style muse is: I love Emma Watson, always! And Taylor Swift is having a serious fashion moment at the moment.

 Favourite city to go shopping is: Florence or Hong Kong – I love that you can find just about anything you want or need in both places.

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