Michael Kors Glasses: The “It” Accessory


As one of today’s last American designers not to hunt abroad for style inspiration, Michael Kors continues to impress all fashion setters and followers with his luxury line of classic sportswear for woman and his growing collection of accessories. Be it a Michael Kors watch or a pair of ultra-feminine glasses, Michael Kors creates one-of-a-kind accessories that dazzle his forever growing loyal fan base.

Michael Kors

His success story doesn’t end with a loyal fan base and award winning designs. He also starred as a judge on the popular fashion design show Project Runway. And did we mention Michelle Obama posed in a Michael Kors dress in her first term official portrait as First Lady?

As for Michael Kors’ ultimate celebrity muse, Kors’ states that “Jennifer Lopez epitomizes my love of the modern jet-set woman—today’s answer to Elizabeth Taylor glamour, circa Butterfield 8, all dipped in tones of honey, caramel, and camel.”

The “It” Accessory

We all know the importance of accessorizing, and Michael Kors certainly caters to your needs offering statement pieces for all occasions. If you are like us and have a not-so-subtle obsession for chic eyeglasses designs, you can’t really go wrong (a slight understatement!) with a pair of Michael Kors glasses.

And if your love for all things Michael Kors doesn’t stop with eyeglasses, consider adding a Michael Kors iPhone case to your collection. Or a lime green leather tote. Or a stunning Michael Kors watch in a warm blush hue. The list goes on and on.

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