Movember: When Glasses Meet Staches


The month of November is the month to do more, especially when it comes to your stache. Whether you’re graced with the ability of growing a serious mo, or typically have to settle with a more sparse look, join men around the world by growing out your mustache for the month of November. Why? Because it’s Movember and it’s time to raise awareness for prostate cancer and other men’s health initiatives.

If you’re unsure of what mo to grow, why not let your glasses style be the inspiration.

If you’ve been rocking the bold Retro-Wingtip look, you need to pair it with a stache that’s equally as prominent. Opting for the horseshoe mustache is the perfect partner to these two-toned Retro-Wingtip glasses.

If you like glasses with a textured pattern, it’s important to pair it with a mo that’s not overly manicured. The bold striated pattern of these Retro-Wingtip glasses goes perfectly with a no-fuss stache style, such as the shaggy chevron.

If you’re more drawn to the classic look of semi-rimless glasses, partnering them with a mo that shares the same sleek lines is a no brainer. The sharp look of the painter’s brush stache is the ideal companion to complete a minimalist look for this Movember.

If you’ve got a thing for vintage style, glasses with a strong browline such as the clubmaster design have most likely caught your eye. Pair these glasses with a mo that mimics the prominent shape of the upper browline such as the curvy handlebar mustache.

Of course choosing the right style of stache is an important decision, but putting that stache to use this Movember should take centre stage. Put your fundraising efforts into high gear by doing like we did and create a personal Movember account where your family and friends can contribute to the cause.

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