Nicole Miller Glasses: Modern Femininity


Nicole Miller’s affection towards contemporary art is clearly represented within her glasses designs.

As resident New York City’s fashion-centric Tribeca neighborhood, Nicole Miller explains how big city living has inspired her designs, “I’ve always been downtown and uptown. I’ve had a lot of artist friends and I was always a little bit of a renegade.”

Nicole Miller showcases her love for bold, yet still feminine, designs throughout her work, which now includes glasses. This unique combination of sophistication and rebellion has also caught the attention of such celebrities as Beyonce Knowles and Eva Longoria.

Below our editors showcase their top looks from Nicole Miller’s Fall 2013 show and illustrate how it has influenced her glasses designs.

Nicole Miller creates a powerful woman through sharp suits that are accented with leather. The angled lines and edgy sculpted temples of the Nicole Miller Shattered Black glasses showcase similar design features.

Nicole Miller adds a feminine touch to her Fall 2013 collection by mixing in a bold floral pattern. The warm tortoiseshell pattern of the Nicole Miller Wine Not Tortoise Nectar glasses exude a similar feel with their peach interior.

Nicole Miller introduces some colour within her Fall 2013 collection with pieces that feature a deep midnight blue. A similar use of colour is seen on the interior arms of the Nicole Miller Street Couture Matte Black glasses.

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