Q&A with Menswear Blogger D’Marge

We caught up with one of Australia’s biggest menswear bloggers, Luc from D’Marge, to talk great men’s style, capsule wardrobes and how to pick the right frames. Just don’t mention clear specs for fashion purposes to him…

1.      As one of Australia’s biggest and best menswear bloggers, what would you say defines having great style for guys?

It comes down to choices. Choosing things that define or bring out your personality but also choosing objects and clothing of substance. What you buy doesn’t need to be expensive, rather put together in a way that stands out from others. I think it’s cool when guys have a ‘thing’, could be colourful reading glasses, new Nike sneakers (every second week) or maybe different leather jackets… something that they’re known for in their social circle. Wearing loud Hawaiian shirts or sunglasses on your head is not a recommended ‘thing’… they’re style sins and should be avoided.

 2.      What are your most essential pieces that make up your capsule wardrobe?

In no particular order it would be casual blazers, basic t-shirts, interesting sunglasses and well-made dress shoes that work with suits and denim. In my honest opinion, versatility is the key for any man’s wardrobe. Men often wear clothing a lot longer than women so we need to make sure they work with other pieces in our wardrobe. I’m a big believer in building a collection of timeless fashion that you can rotate in and out of your style as time goes on. If you follow trends too often, you’ll always be buying new clothing which is fun but not always practical.

 3.   Living in Australia, we all know how important sunnies are. When it comes to your shades, what’s more important: fashion or function?

Function? What’s that? I’m mostly about fashion when it comes to sunglasses. Interesting styles, shapes and colours are my current interest. That said, I do look at build quality now. Sunglasses that are coming out of Japan are really well made, feel very sturdy whilst being stylish. To me that’s a strong product offering. Killing two birds with one stone.


4.    Any top tips and style advice to help a guy pick the right glasses for him?

If you can, buy in store with someone who can help you. The bricks and mortar world of sunglasses is still vitally important. You need to make sure they fit your face and that they’re masculine enough, which is what’s so great about your Try Before You Buy policy at Clearly. 30 days gives you plenty of time to decide!

Also, even after doing this style/fashion thing for five years I still get my girlfriend and best mate’s opinion on sunglasses. Lastlyglasses can make or break a look because they’re the first thing people see. You don’t want to be remembered as the guy who borrowed his sunglasses from one of The Golden Girls.

5.      Clear eyeglasses frames for fashion purposes: yay or nay?

Nah, not my thing. It’s too hipster for my liking. You need a bad haircut and ugly sweater to rock that look, of which I have neither.

Use Luc’s advice to help you shop our eyeglasses and sunglasses collections for men. Although the stylish specs Luc’s pictured wearing above are unfortunately sold out (he obviously has great taste), you can shop similar Lacoste styles now.

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