Ray-Ban Glasses: A Timeless Classic


With trends and styles constantly changing with a drop of a hat, Ray-Ban glasses have continued to be a leader in the industry by growing and molding with the trends since 1973.

Becoming a Timeless Classic


The Ray-Ban brand first attracted attention when General Douglas MacArthur was seen wearing his Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses in the Philippines during World War II. Marilyn Monroe was soon spotted wearing a pair of Ray-Ban Retro-Wingtip sunglasses in public to the movies which only increased their public awareness and popularity. No surprise later, Retro-Wingtip frames became the style of choice with James Dean, Bob Dylan and John F. Kennedy being seen in public wearing the style we’ve all come to adore.

When it comes to Ray-Ban aviator style sunglasses, the United States Army Air Corps were the first to be able to sport the style. The style then quickly turned popular as soon as Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr were spotted sporting the frames in the 60’s. The ever popular Top Gun film elevated brand recognition for Ray-Ban with Tom Cruise, Val Kilmer and Anthony Edward wearing them in the movie.

Although the definition of “Retro-Wingtip” means traveler by foot, it’s not the first thing that comes to mind when hearing the word which is a true sign of how powerful and renowned the Ray-Ban brand is now. The hottest celebrities of Hollywooed have been seen wearing the brand both off and on screen. Throw on Ray-Ban glasses with a jean jacket and plain t-shirt and you will exude the classic look that Ray-Ban’s have been known for since the 50’s.

Ray-Ban Glasses

Ray-Ban has extended their brand to include eyeglasses frames which include, of course, Retro-Wingtip styles for both men and women but also unisex rectangular shapes and modern cat eye styles for women. They keep classic frames modern by offering stylish hues and colours of tortoiseshell, ombre fades and sleek black.

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