Ray Ban Glasses: Celebrity Pick

With Ray Ban designing the first aviator sunglasses featuring anti-glare lenses back in 1936, the brand has since become known for more than just durability and functionality. Ray Ban sunglasses and glasses are a classic celebrity style staple as they can be paired with anything from a traditional tuxedo on the red carpet to a relaxed street style look.

Bruno Mars

Ray-Ban Pick: Retro-Wingtip Glasses

In 1952 Ray Ban launched their first pair of Retro-Wingtip sunglasses. This classic sunglasses shape has since been interpreted into a popular eyeglasses style that has caught the attention of singing sensation Bruno Mars. Bruno Mars opts for Ray Ban Retro-Wingtip eyeglasses in a rich tortoiseshell pattern.

Jake Gyllenhaal

Ray-Ban Pick: Aviator Sunglasses

With their iconic shape and streamlined design, Ray Ban aviator sunglasses are a classic sunglasses choice for celebrities. Jake Gyllenhaal is often seen accessorizing his classic style with a pair of Ray Ban aviator sunglasses.

Pharrell Williams

Ray-Ban Pick: Retro-Wingtip Glasses

Ray Ban Retro-Wingtip eyeglasses are a bold glasses choice that offer a vintage style twist. From traditional preppy to urban hip-hop, Pharrell Williams showcases how Ray Ban Retro-Wingtips can transcend styles.

Justin Timberlake

Ray-Ban Pick: Retro-Wingtip Sunglasses

With Ray Ban Retro-Wingtips being the sunglasses choice for such Hollywood icons as Roy Orbison, James Dean and Bob Dylan, it’s no surprise to see today’s top celebrities wearing the exact same style. Justin Timberlake, David Beckham and Jude Law are examples of such Hollywood elite that can’t get enough of this style.


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