Rihanna Glasses Style


It seems as though Rihanna’s name has been in the spotlight for years now. Never being known to shy away from paparazzi, social media or controversy, Rihanna has definitely made a name, reputation and image for herself throughout all outlets that are available to her. For the past 7 years, Rihanna has released a new album every year and with each release, her image seems to transform to a new version of herself. From a bold pixie cut to bright red hair, Rihanna manages to always have a shock factor to her updated images yet keeping her look classy and sophisticated which is not an easy feat.

Not only does her hair and overall clothing style change often but Rihanna’s glasses style is also among the parts of her style that evolve throughout the years. Vogue.com has featured images of the star with comments from her stylist, Mel Ottenberg, who points out that her style mixes between new and vintage eyewear. Rihanna is a role model and icon to many major designers and fashionistas alike which is not hard to believe. She so casually experiments with shapes, colours and even eras when it comes to her glasses style – a mentality that we should apply to our own style.

From day to night, completely different shapes of glasses look great on the Barbadian beauty paired with her changing hairstyles.

With being in the public eye a majority of the time, you’ll find Rihanna sporting aviators, classic Retro-Wingtips and oversized sunglasses to shield from the flashing lights. Always being one to start trends, she’s been spotted in a pair of round sunglasses with pearl accents around the lenses.

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