Sexy Librarian Look

The wonderful thing about the sexy librarian look is it’s power to give off an infectious flirtatiousness without being over the top.

The sexy librarian look was first promoted by Marilyn Monroe in the 1950’s with her extreme sexy librarian glasses in How To Marry A Millionaire, but has since morphed into a more subtle day to day style with softer, less extreme cateye lines.

During our Real Style, Real Value photo shoot we had the chance to ask self confessed bookworm and model, Mackenzie Hamilton (pictured above), to describe her modern sexy librarian look:

“I have one pair [of glasses] that are more square… they look like the sexy librarian.” – Mackenzie Hamilton

Though the sexy librarian look used to be equated to extreme cateye glasses in the past, you can still achieve the same overall style, but through with less extreme means.

If you can’t get enough of the sexy librarian look similar to Mackenzie, check out these tips on how to pick out the ultimate sexy librarian glasses.

Style Tips: Sexy Librarian Glasses

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