Summer Eyewear | Jay Lyon Interview

We’re so excited that Jay Lyon from Sydney-based band Tamarama is the male music ambassador for our  Soundtrack to Summer story this season. We caught up with Jay to get the lowdown on his favourite summer sunnies, specs and songs.

Jay Lyon

Hi Jay! Thanks for taking the time to catch up with us. Hey Clearly! No worries, any time.

When did you begin playing music? I began playing music at the age of 17.

Tell us a bit about playing in Tamarama. I went to Japan when I was 20 for a modelling contract. I was there for eight weeks and had just broken up with my girlfriend at the time. I was shattered and writing a lot. Fate would have it that my good mate and now-band partner Nicolas “Pottsy” Potts showed up a week after me and was there for the same amount of time. He was already a very accomplished musician and we just clicked musically and loved the same kinds of music. We wrote our first song, Everything to Me, which ended up being our first single. And it really all started from there.

Touring, recording and playing in front of thousands of people are some of the best memories of my life and it made all the rough times worth it. I love music and being able to express myself through songs. It’s a gift I’m very grateful for and I will always continue to write and release music.

Jay Lyon

I think eyewear is all about picking the right shape for your face. Be original and mix it up.

If you had to pick a favourite pair of specs and sunnies from our summer shoot, which would they be and why? I would have to say the Derek Cardigan 7010 sunnies in Grey Haze are great. Cool styles and colours can be dressed up or casual. They are also very comfortable which is a must when wearing sunnies.

What would be your greatest piece of advice for picking out the right eyewear this summer? I think eyewear is all about picking the right shape for your face. Be original and mix it up.

What style of sunnies will you be rocking this summer? I’m loving my Derek Cardigan glasses and also my round Giorgio Armanis.

Jay Lyon

Are you going to any festivals? If not, where do you wish you were going? I’m sure I will go to some over the summer but nothing planned yet. I wish I went to Coachella and Burning Man this year!!

What song best sums up summertime to you? Talking Heads – This Must Be The Place

A song with the word ‘eye’ in it: Eye Know – De La Soul

Finally, is there anything to watch out for with Tamarama this summer? Yep, we will definitely be playing shows this summer in Sydney so keep an eye out for us!!!

Check out Jay’s summer soundtrack below!

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