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The newest entries in Derek Cardigan's bestselling Grammar collection showcase literary style with the brand's usual vintage twist. Each frame couples rich tortoiseshell hues with smooth Italian acetate and durable multi-barrelled spring hinges.

Reimagined shapes

From the squarer cat eye to a rounder round, this Grammar Collection series strikes the right balance between nostalgic and modern design.

Spirit of the 70s

While Derek Cardigan usually takes inspiration from the classic shapes and styles of the 1960s, the Grammar collection is steeped in the rich, deep hues of a later decade — with squared off cat eyes and low browed Aviators taking over from more muted and winged out styles.

Flex and flow

Every frame includes flexible multi-barreled spring hinges — resulting in a more comfortable and durable fit and wear.

Mazzucchelli was founded in 1849 by a family members who, for the past 160 years, have remained engaged in research and innovation. Made by hand in small batches in a process that can take up to 60 days, each piece of Mazzucchelli acetate is strong, lightweight, versatile, and beautiful.

Get back to the stacks

Each frame features two complementary yet distinctive layers of handmade Italian acetate to create a frame with greater depth.

Full stop

The original Derek Cardigan math symbols have been traded for the Grammar Collection's signature style — the subtle colon and semi-colon that sit at each temple point for an updated take on geeky-chic.

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