The Great Getaway

The best sun-drenched destinations have one thing in common: they look better with UV protection. Keep scrolling to find out how to build a pair of prescription sunglasses and get away from it all in style.

Derek Cardigan 7044-55 Fructose

You've got the power(s)

Mia $92

1. Choose your eyeglasses frames

A lens height of at least 30mm (that you can find on each product’s page) works best for sunglasses, and provide greater coverage from damaging UV Rays.

2. Enter your prescription details

Remember that your eyeglasses prescription is different from your contact lens prescription.

3. Select your sunglasses lenses

You’ll be able to pick from a range of 100% UV protective polarized and non-polarized lenses in an array of hues.

Derek Cardigan 7044-55 Fructose

Layer your lenses

7044S-55 Sold Out $110

Derek Cardigan 7044-55 Fructose

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