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Freshlook Contact Lenses

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FreshLook Colour Contact Lenses

Let your eyes be your most spectacular accessory

FreshLook colour contact lenses let you to form your own gorgeous look with a wide selection of colour changing and colour enhancing contact lenses. With FreshLook Color Contact Lenses, you can go as subtle or dramatic as you'd like. Even if you do not need vision correction, these lenses will make your eyes stand out from the crowd.
Change the colour of your eyes daily with FreshLook ONE-DAY lenses, or if you have lighter eyes, enhance their colour with FreshLook Dimensions lenses.
For a bold color change, use FreshLook ColorBlends. Create depth and dimension with FreshLook Dimensions. Let your eyes be your most spectacular accessory. You need progressive lenses? Not to worry, Freshlook has designed innovative coloured contacts for people who need toric lenses as well. Colour contact lenses are growing in popularity and are being used more and more. Take a look at our diagrams to see what you should expect from each of these coloured contacts.