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Calvin Klein Eyeglasses

A modern blend of contemporary and retro styling

Founded in 1968, Calvin Klein is one of the leading fashion brands in the world today. Our clean and contemporary collection of Calvin Klein eyeglasses exemplifies the fashion house’s sleek and sophisticated aesthetic perfectly, making them an absolute essential for every style-lover. Calvin Klein glasses are bold, structurally modern sculptured shapes that feature clean lines and eloquent designs.

Calvin Klein glasses blend minimalism with complexity through the use of architectural detailing, sophisticated colorations and discrete embellishments. Our collection of Calvin Klein eyeglasses also features alternatively discreet and bold CK branding for brand-conscious trendsetters. Metallics and acetate mixes in classic tortoise or refreshing hues make for a modern blend of contemporary and retro styling. Easy to wear shapes give subtle edge and pared-back elegance to timeless style.

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