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Some people are blessed with faces that make them look like James Dean when they slip on a pair of sunglasses. And then there are the people with fat heads. Like Rico Elmore, a 300-pound, 6-foot-3 gentleman from Newcastle, Indiana who got sick of glasses that never fit. He knew he couldn't be the only one who struggled with undersized eyeglasses so he started FatHeadz in 2007 to create big glasses for the rest of us. The fact that it's been a hit is no surprise to Elmore. After all, when you go to a shoe store, they don't just sell one size; they give you options.

Clearly is happy to offer our customers a variety of Fatheadz eyeglasses. Our selection includes larger frames in rectangular and oval styles in a wide range of colors to complement any look. You'll find semi-rimless, rimless and full-rim frames made from durable, high quality materials like acetate, plastic and metal. Here's the best part — while Fatheadz frames are oversized, our prices are not.