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Marc Jacobs is an American luxury designer brand founded in 1986 by the company's eponymous designer. Marc Jacobs is known for crafting contemporary, fashion-forward products using high-quality materials, and these Marc Jacobs glasses are no different. Marc Jacobs eyeglasses are made using only the highest-quality materials, such as acetate. Acetate is a durable, lightweight plastic that is commonly used in the manufacture of premium eyewear. Acetate is colour-fast, meaning it won't fade or discolour, even after years of use, and its light weight ensures all-day comfort without causing fatigue or eye strain. And all of these exquisite glasses feature the authentic Marc Jacobs designer branding for added style. Many of these Marc Jacobs frames are available with different lens options as well. Progressive lenses are perfect for people who prefer not to switch frames depending on their vision needs. Transition lenses change from dark to clear depending on the lighting conditions, effectively giving you eyeglasses and sunglasses in one. Polarized tinted lenses are also an option, utilizing a polarized lens coating which blocks harsh glare reflecting off of shiny surface such as car hoods or water. Set the trends and get noticed with a pair of these bold, stunning eyeglasses from the award-winning Marc Jacobs designer eyewear collection.