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Health Fund Benefit

Health fund members save on prescription eyewear at is an Australian based approved provider with all major health funds. If you are a member of a health fund, you may be able to claim a rebate on your prescription eyewear purchases. If your health fund is not listed below, please contact our customer service team on 1800 639 478 and we can discuss registration. How much you will be able to claim depends on your level of cover and whether you have recently claimed or not. As a guide, most health funds will enable you to claim up to $200 per year on prescription eyewear per annum. Please check with your health fund to see what your entitlements are before purchasing, as each health fund and individual as policy may be different.

Here are the health funds we are covered by:

  • MEDIBANK PRIVATE Provider #: 1474251Y –
  • BUPA Provider #:ClearlyContacts O054405
  • HCF Provider #: ClearlyContacts A255494
  • NIB Provider #: ClearlyContacts 10164583
  • AUSTRALIAN UNITY Provider #: ClearlyContacts 21126909

In addition we have coverage for these health funds:

Health fund Provider name Number
ACA Benefits fund ClearlyContacts None required*
AHM Health Insurance ClearlyContacts 002995PD
AIA Health Insurance ClearlyContacts 1474251Y
Australian Unity Health Limited ClearlyContacts 21126909
Bupa Australia Pty Ltd ClearlyContacts O054405
CBHS Corporate Health Pty Ltd ClearlyContacts 1474251Y
CBHS Health Fund Limited ClearlyContacts CBHS02402
CDH Health Benefit Fund ClearlyContacts None required
CUA Health Limited ClearlyContacts 100 44 862
Defence Health Limited ClearlyContacts ACU03095
(The)Doctors Health Fund ClearlyContacts OPT 566
GMHBA Limited ClearlyContacts 541943 C
GU health ClearlyContacts 21118293
HBF Health Limited ClearlyContacts B12918
HCF ClearlyContacts A255494
Health Care Insurance Limited ClearlyContacts P901372
Health Insurance Fund of Australia Limited ClearlyContacts 79 115 412 943
Health Partners ClearlyContacts HPO1223 ClearlyContacts None required*
Latrobe Health Services ClearlyContacts 116 1472 A
Medibank Private Limited ClearlyContacts 1474251Y
Mildura Health Fund ClearlyContacts None required*
myOwn Health Insurance ClearlyContacts 1474251Y
National Health Benefits Australia Pty Ltd (onemedifund) ClearlyContacts
Navy Health Fund Ltd ClearlyContacts OPT 48080
NIB Health Funds Ltd ClearlyContacts 10164583
Nurses & Midwives Health ClearlyContacts
People Care Health Insurance ClearlyContacts None required*
Phoenix Health Fund Limited ClearlyContacts ANC11515
Police Health ClearlyContacts None required*
Queensland Country Health Fund Ltd ClearlyContacts None required*
Reseve Bank Health Society Ltd ClearlyContacts None required*
rt health - a division of The Hospitals Contribution Fund ClearlyContacts None required*
St Lukes Health ClearlyContacts A4000 747
Teachers Health Fund ClearlyContacts OPT 39478
Transport Health Pty Ltd ClearlyContacts 1161472 A
TUH ClearlyContacts 1161472 A
UniHealth Insurance (brought to you by Teachers Health Fund) ClearlyContacts OPT 39478
Westfund Limited ClearlyContacts 1926 PD

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