Blue light blocking glasses could help de-stress your eyes

Reviewed by Dr. Justin Asgarpour

Blue light glasses aim to reduce fatigue, so your eyes can focus better on your screen and feel more relaxed at the end of a day in front of the computer. Whenever you work on your computer, read your favourite e-book on your tablet, or watch a TV show or movie, screen time can feel easier with these glasses.

Blue light glasses:
Your ultimate protection

Blue light blocking glasses absord and reflect blue light that is visible to your eyes. They reduce the amount of blue light that reaches your retina, and are designed to increase eye comfort during long hours of digital screen time.

Reduces digital fatigue

We need to expose to some blue light (otherwise you wouldn’t see the colour blue!). But filtering some of it could reduce the harsh glow from your screen and provide your eyes with some extra comfort.

Improves productivity

Adults spend nearly half a day every day using digital devices, while teens spend nine hours per day interacting with digital devices. This can lead to recurring headaches and migraines.*

Improves sleep

Exposure to blue light during the day helps maintain your body’s natural wakefulness by suppressing melatonin, the "sleepy" hormone that prepares your body for rest.*

Clearly Blue Light lenses

Clearly offers different types of blue light blocking lenses to meet your needs. BlueReflect is our standard blue light blocking lens. SightRelax is a specialized lens which provides a mild magnification to improve vision of up-close objects.




Lens Type

Standard digital protection lenses.

Premium digital protection lenses (also known as anti-fatigue lenses that incorporate blue light filter).


Ideal for light screen use (two to four hours per day).

These lenses provide more comfort when using handheld digital devices for prolonged hours.

Lens Technology

Specialized to filter harmful blue light emitted by digital devices and artificial light.

An anti-fatigue design provides a small amount of magnification at the bottom of the lens to reduce the focusing work eyes need to do at close range.

For Whom?

Perfect protection for all ages who wish to reduce blue light exposure.

Perfect protection for anyone who wishes to reduce their blue light exposure and have more relaxed eyes at close range.

All your eyewear needs, available online.

3 Potential consequences of
extensive use of digital devices

Six out of 10 adults experience digital eye strain due to prolonged use of electronic devices.*

Issues related to posture can also be a side effect of having an inadequately set up work stations.

While wearing regular glasses (instead of blue light blocking glasses), your eyes may become strained and irritated throughout the day if you spend long hours in front of a computer at work, school, or home. Naturally, you blink to keep your eyeballs moist. But when you’re focused on digital screens, your upper eyelid doesn’t shut completely.*

Using digital devices creates an unnatural scenario that can lead to blurred vision and trouble focusing. Healthy eyes require constant variation in focus and light conditions. However, the current work conditions mean you can be exposed to constant bright light and glare from you screen. This can be even worse for those who have increased light sensitivity. *

It is possible to reduce eye strain at work as well as body pain by taking some simple steps. Practice micro-pauses during work to look away from your computer screen and focus on distant objects. Give yourself a little stretch or go for a walk around the office. Consider wearing glasses rather than contact lenses when you’re at your computer, as they can become dry and uncomfortable. Get blue light blocking lenses for your glasses with or without prescription.

Top 3 FAQs about blue
light blocking lenses

Yes, these specialized lenses, BlueReflect™ and Sight Relax, from Clearly are similar to clear lenses, but they have an additional benefit for activities related to digital screen usage. Blocking blue light from passing through the lenses to your eyes, they increase productivity and accuracy by eliminating the constant refocusing effort your eyes go through when viewing the screen.

You may notice a very slight yellow tint in your BlueReflect™ lenses if placed against a white background — this is completely normal and comes from the embedded filter in the lenses.

Our BlueReflect™ lenses can be worn any time you like, but as night vision is slightly improved with blue light, we recommend using a secondary pair of clear lenses when driving at night for the absolute best vision.

You can wear computer glasses with BlueReflect™ lenses all the time (indoors and outdoors), including driving at night. You can also wear computer glasses with Sight Relax lenses all the time including driving. Our DualView progressive computer glasses cannot be worn all the time as the majority of the lens is devoted to vision at arm’s length.

Progressive computer glasses are known as office progressives. A typical progressive lens that’s worn for everyday use features a narrower field of view at computer (intermediate) distance and a hard-to-find “sweet spot” for people over 40 who spend all day on the computer.

An office progressive takes that small sweet spot and devotes most of the lens to that intermediate vision, making it easier to stay focused on your monitor. If you use multiple monitors, wearing these glasses means you won’t need to turn your head as much to see your screens well. They also include full reading power at the bottom of the lens, while also filtering the blue light from your screens.

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