Aviator Sunglasses

For a pair of sunglasses that’ll never go out of style, look no further than the chic, timeless look of aviator sunglasses. This particular design of sunglasses has come a long way since it was first designed for air pilots – it seems everybody has this particular pair in their sunglasses collection

Find aviator sunglasses frames to make a statement

You really can’t go wrong with aviator shades, especially since they suit such a wide variety of faces. Individuals with broad foreheads and tapered jawlines will love the balance that aviator sunglasses provide them.

As you browse all our available sunglasses, you’ll find a wide range of aviator sunglasses frames. We offer the more traditional metal models from brand such as Ray-Ban and Costa, as well as more contemporary styles made of bold plastic from Derek Cardigan and Kam Dhillon. You’ll see find that today’s aviator shades come in a wider range of shapes in addition to the standard teardrop, including rectangle and oval.

The hardest part about shopping for aviator sunglasses on Clearly will be deciding which one to purchase.