D-Frame Sunglasses

Find the perfect pair of D-frame sunglasses from Clearly’s huge selection

When it comes to fashion and eyeglasses designs, the classics never truly go out of style. A perfect example of this is our selection of stylish D-Frame sunglasses which elegantly blend classic designs and modern materials. We carry these retro-wingtip sunglasses from all the high-end brands you trust like Oakley, Columbia and Ray-Ban. Additionally, two of our exclusive brands: Derek Cardigan and Joseph Marc , also offer D-frame sunnies in a range of styles and prices to fit any look or budget.

The D-frame shape is inspired by the casually cool sunglasses of the 1980s and brings that unique styling into the modern decade by incorporating unique colours, materials and patterns to match your personal style perfectly. These sunglasses are an ideal fit for round faces, where the wings and clean lines add definition and contrast. The larger brow complemented by wingtips at each corner of the D-Frame style also helps to flatter wider foreheads and angular features. Additionally, the oversized D-Frame sunnies in our Joseph Marc and Derek Cardigan collections are a great option to complement those with larger faces and anyone looking for extra protection from the sun.

With features like adjustable nose pads, our retro-wingtip sunnies are a great option for anybody looking for a comfortable frame you can wear at the beach all day long. The bold colours and designs of our acetate D-Frame sunglasses are an excellent way to add a pop of colour to your wardrobe. If you are looking for sunglasses that effortlessly combine retro-inspired shaping with a modern, fashion-forward sensibility, this shape is a perfect option for you.