Can I donate my eyeglasses?

donate eyeglasses

These days, glasses aren’t just for seeing better. They’re for looking better too. Now that glasses are widely recognized as a fashion statement, you may be in the market for a new pair of specs. But what should you do with your old pair? Can you donate your eyeglasses? 

If you’re not interested in keeping your old pair of glasses as a backup, there are several other options you can explore: 

1. Donate eyeglasses. Yes! You can donate your glasses. We’ll explain how later on. 

2. Recycle glasses frames. If they have glass lenses, remove them and recycle them with glass, then you can recycle the frames with either your plastics or metals, depending on the frame material. 

3. Sell glasses frames. Someone else may not be able to use your prescription, but they can definitely reuse the frames. If they’re a popular name brand — like Tory BurchMichael Kors or Coach — it’s possible that you could get a decent return on them.  

4. Replace the lenses. If you’re shopping around simply because your prescription changed, you can just replace the lenses with ones that meet your needs. 

How can I donate my old glasses? 

Maybe you’ve been thinking about donating your glasses for a while — you just didn’t know how. Would it be weird if you just walked into a thrift store with your old glasses? Is that even the right place to take them? 

You can put your anxiety at ease. Here are a few ways to donate your glasses: 

1. Mail them in. Avoid face-to-face interaction altogether by mailing them in to an organization that accepts donations. (We’ll name a few in the next section.) 

2. Walk them in. Yes, there are several places that allow you to drop off donations in person. You just have to know where to go. 

3. Slip them in a donation box. Some organizations place drop boxes in high-traffic areas where you can leave your old pair of glasses. 

4. Take them to a drive-thru. If you’re in a hurry, you can roll through a drive-thru for a national nonprofit organization. Larger nonprofits have streamlined the donation process, making it as convenient as getting a Macca’s Big Mac. 

All of these are great options, but before you take your old glasses anywhere, make sure they are in good condition. Double-check that they’re not missing screws, cracked or bent. The nonprofit or business to which you’re trying to donate may reject your donation if the glasses are in poor shape. 

Where can I donate my used glasses? 

When you hear the word “donation,” you probably associate it with charities and nonprofits. However, not all charities accept donations for eyeglasses — and not all organizations that accept these donations are nonprofits. Here are a few places you can donate your old glasses: 

1. Lions Clubs Australia runs a network of collection boxes and collection points around the country. These boxes can be found in many public locations, including your local optometrists, aged care facilities, Invocare Funeral homes and other public locations. You can contact them if you’re unsure, or send your glasses directly to this address: Reply Paid 3021, Lions Recycle for Sight, PO Box 3021, CLONTARF MDC 4019. Wrap them in a bubble wrap or a padded bag, and avoid sending them with any cases.  

2. HCF accepts eyeglasses donations. You may visit any HCF branch to drop off your old pair and they’ll be forwarded to Lions Recycle for Sight. 

Before you make the trek to your local donation center, call ahead to make sure they’re currently accepting eyeglasses. It’s possible they’re already at capacity, or the location you found can’t take glasses donations for some reason. It’s definitely better to know before you go. 

You’ve donated your glasses. Ready for a new pair? 

You’ve made your donation, and now you want a new pair of glasses. But you haven’t found the right fit yet. Here are a few things to consider: 

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