Alicia Keys: Glasses Trendsetter

Always known as a force to be reckoned with, Alicia Keys keeps up the reputation with her new single “Brand New Me”. The song has been noted by Rolling Stones as a “triumphant turn at reinvention” where Alicia, “leaves her post and embarks on a quest for self-discovery around the set, which reaches its apex in front of a handful of mirrors where Keys rips off the wig she’d been given and returns to the piano as herself”.

An evident star from the get-go, Alicia Keys has shown her talent since her debut album “Songs in A Minor”. Her first single “Fallin'” was hard proof that Alicia was an artist to keep an eye on for great songs and hits to come. Not one to disappoint, she now has five albums under her belt and she’s had great collaborations from artists like Jay-Z and Ray Charles to name a few. Not only is she extremely talented but Alicia Keys has always been one to be fashion forward, continuously changing her look throughout the years. Her glasses style has continued to match her overall bold look as she switches between rectangular and round glasses shapes to suit her style.

We are super excited that Alicia Keys chose to wear Derek Cardigan glasses in her new “Brand New Me” video. We could not think of a better artist to pair with the Derek Cardigan style; unique yet a trendsetter in it’s class. The Derek Cardigan 7017 Shadow glasses feature the ever so popular math symbols which can also be seen in Flo Rida’s “I Cry” and Skylar Grey with Eminem’s “C’Mon Let Me Ride”.

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