Special Occasion: Making the Video

We recently spotted a pair of our pink Derek Cardigans being worn in Sydney hip-hop duo Jackie Onassis’ latest music clip. We posted the video of the feel-good anthem, Special Occasion, on theLOOK earlier this month where you can see the stylish sunglasses being worn.

Derek Cardigan

Since then we caught up with Made in Katana, the super-trendy digital entertainment agency that directed and produced the contemporary clip. Read our exclusive interview with the agency below where we discuss everything from their inspirations behind the video to the link between fashion and music, before checking out the behind the scenes video above which was made on the set of Special Occasion.

What was your inspiration behind this music video?

Our inspiration for the Special Occasion clip was based on our first impressions of Kai and Raph. We wanted to capture the relaxed, fun-loving nature of the boys and the upbeat vibe of the song. For the most part the clip is about being young, and living free. It loosely follows a narrative, but at the end of the day the feel of the clip is right, and more important than the sum of its parts.

How long did it take to film?

It was roughly two days of filming in Adelaide, so a really quick shoot; then about a week’s worth of editing until we had the final result that we were happy with.

Jackie Onassis are really great guys and we had a lot of fun filming the clip and running all over town with them. We travelled through the backstreets of old rail yards, lounged on sunny roof tops in the heart of the city and made our way to Murray Bridge for the house boat party scene. After the first full day of filming we all crashed at a beach house at Aldinga. The next day we filmed Raph getting toed along the beach on a surfboard. We got some great shots but a mishap with the rope sent Raph flying across the beach, just in time for the cops to shut us down. We had a few rough tumbles, but the boys were keen to put their bodies on the line to get the best shot. During the chase scene when Raph drops the briefcase full of cash he split open his chin and absolutely refused to hold up the shoot.

Jackie O

Did you guys decide on the styling in the video or was this left up to the band and model?

We tend to give the crew a pretty clear idea of the style, and then leave it up to them to bring the clothes they’re comfortable in. They have a great sense of style and really get involved in all aspects of their music including visuals. We had access to heaps of great clothes and sunnies and really left it up to them how to make the style their own.

In your opinion, how important is the link between fashion and music?

It’s important! If you think back to the best music videos from when you were growing up, the kind you used to watch on Rage at the break of dawn on a Saturday morning, so much of your impression of the song is defined by the style of the clip. What they’re wearing, their attitude, it gives the clip a real sense of context and familiarity.

Personal style question. Aviators or Retro-Wingtips?

Retro-Wingtips all the way!

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