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The ombre trend was first seen on women’s hair and nails and then slowly transgressed to fashion and now you can even see the ombre look in eyeglasses designs.

Om·bré : having colours or tones that fade into each other – used especially on fabrics in which the colour is graduated from light to dark.

This trend has become renowned for it’s look of fading colours from light to dark. You can see this popular trend on celebrity’s such as Whitney Port and Rachel Bilson who have followed the latest trend with their own twist and have switched it having their hair transform from dark brunette to bright blonde on the tips.

The ombre trend may have started with hair but it has managed to make it’s way into home decor as well as high fashion runways. With powerhouse brands featuring the ombre trend into their collections, it was only a matter of time that the trend would enter the eyeglasses world.

Ombre glasses have a look and feel to them that can easily change the vibe of your look. With frames showcasing a colour change from top to bottom, ombre frames can either be the pop of colour your outfit needs or that accessory that complements the rest of your ensemble.

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The ombre trend is a perfect example of trends can make its way into all aspects of fashion and style. What may start off as an amazing hairstyle trend can easily turn into an eyeglasses trend for your everyday look.

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