5 reasons why black rim glasses will always be a classic

black rim glasses

No matter where you go, it seem like everyone is wearing black rim glasses more than any other style of frame. They are popular for both men and women and have been worn by them for what seems like forever. Black rim glasses are a classic style that has stuck around while others have faded away without even making a dent in the fashion world. One thing is for sure, black rimmed glasses with always be in style!


Derek Cardigan 7014 in Black 

1. They are a classic: Throughout history many influential people have worn black rim glasses. From Martin Luther King Jr. to today’s Johnny Deep, they are a style that have stayed fashionable and classic through the ever evolving fashion eye.

2. They are lightweight: Black rim glasses are often made from lightweight materials like plastic and acetate, which make them both comfortable and durable. This also makes black rim glasses ideal for reading since the frames won’t weigh down on the bridge of your nose.

3. They flatter all skin types: Regardless of your skin type, black is a colour that looks flattering on everyone. It brings out your eye colour to make them pop and gives your complexion a glow.

4. Geek chic is here to stay: The stereotypical nerdy look is now considered geek chic and is growing in popularity. Black rim glasses are the perfect way to pull this trend off regardless of your lifestyle or interests.

5. They bring focus to your face: Black frames are one of the easiest ways to enhance your facial features. Dark colours like black and brown draw attention to your face and are always flattering no matter what your face shape is.

Celebrity Style: Black Rim Glasses

You can see everyone wearing black frame glasses, from moms to celebrities; they are a classic style that is always a great choice for eyewear. At Clearly Australia, we have a large selection of black rim glasses that you will love! Use our MyFit tool and find the perfect pair for you.

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