How To: Choosing the Right Glasses for Heart Face Shapes

Many people consider the heart shape to be the most pleasing of all face shapes, and in turn, it can typically handle a wide variety of glasses styles. Of course it is still important to select the right pair for your particular face. So pay attention to the different angels and attributes that comprise it.

Heart shaped faces are broader at the forehead and taper down toward the jawline and chin. Popular celebrities with this shape of face include Jennifer Love Hewitt, Reese Witherspoon, Sienna Miller and Ruby Rose.

Celebrity Face Twins

Heart Face Shapes

Find the Perfect Pair

Fitting Tips

Some ideal glasses for heart face shapes include:

  1. Bottom-heavy frames: This classic style can help provide a bit of balance to your face by widening a particularly narrow chin.
  2. Frame with low-set temples: Draw attention downward and away from a wider forehead with glasses that sit lower at the temples.
  3. Oval-shaped frames: Oval frames can work wonders on a face with an overly pointy chin by drawing the attention upward toward your eyes.
  4. Light-coloured or rimless frames: Rimless frames or frames that are light in colour have a way of minimizing the overall appearance of a heart shaped face.

This is an example of the many different shapes and styles of glasses for heart shaped faces. With each face having its own unique contours and lengths, you’ll never really know what works well until you give them a try. The best way to try out a wide variety of different glasses is virtually. When you upload a picture to the Try On View feature from you will be able to see how you look in hundreds of different glasses without ever leaving the comfort of home. When you find the right pair of glasses for your heart shaped face, you’ll know it from the moment you’ve put them on.

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