D&G Glasses: Italian Luxury

With its first women’s collection debuting in 1985 in Milan, Italy, the D&G brand has rightfully earned its luxurious status in the fashion world. Headed up by fashion masterminds Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, the D&G name is sought after by a-list stars and fashion gurus alike.

Known for having perfected the art of creating the best, most flattering clothes for both men and women, the D&G brand has spearheaded three fashion staples: dresses, tuxedos and must-have D&G glasses.

D&G Glasses

Similar to their clothing designs, D&G glasses tend to feature bold shapes and flattering lines. The distinguishable D&G logo that is synonymous with the brand is also often found on the side temples.

D&G Dresses

From flowing red carpet gowns to hip hugging party frocks, D&G proves their dress are worth all the fuss. Not only that, they’re designed to perfectly accent the female form.

D&G Tuxedos

Some say a tuxedo is just a tuxedo, but D&G prove red carpet after red carpet that isn’t the case. From the material to the cut, D&G highlights what a good tuxedo can really do.

For the ultimate statement accessory, finish off your look with a pair of D&G glasses.

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