Looking Smart with Vintage Reading Glasses

Reading glasses have come a long way in terms of style. Once boring and unattractive, today many glasses designs are versatile and trendy. Vintage frames, for example, are both smart-looking and stylish. With a pair of trendy reading glasses, not only will you be able to read clearly, but you can also be chic and fashionable. At ClearlyContacts.com.au, we strive to offer a healthy balance of style and practicality with our products.

Apart from their original function of providing clear vision, reading glasses today are also used to achieve certain looks or complement particular styles. If you’re looking to spruce up your look with a new pair of prescription glasses, you may want to check out some of the following vintage reading glasses that we offer.

These women’s frames are quirky and fun, using a flecked chocolate brown upper frame and a purple lower frame. They are reminiscent of the traditional horn-rimmed glasses that were popular in the 1950s, with a modern stylistic touch added.

This bold and fun choice make a statement with their pink acetate frame and classic Retro-Wingtip design. They are a whimsical choice that exudes intelligence while being unique.

These glasses offer a style for women that pay homage to the popular 1960s style. The black-blue colour is a modern and avant-garde take on a retro look and is perfect for anyone trying to make a statement with their vintage frame.

These popular vintage reading glasses have a milky brown acetate frame that exudes a warm and retro vibe. They have silver studs by the temples and a keyhole cutout at the bridge of the nose, giving them a sharp, smart look.

Vintage reading glasses are an extremely popular fashion choice and the ultimate style accessory. They nicely compliment a variety of styles and can help you achieve a smart look anytime of the day. If you need a new pair of prescription glasses or are simply seeking an update, there are many vintage reading glasses available that can keep you remain stylish.


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